Covid-19 Aid Project

In these hard times we at 3DPrintingwithJake are doing everything we can to help both those on the front line and those at home to stay safe, helping to fight Covid-19, these include our two big projects that we are undertaking. One of which is the 3D Printed PPE for NHS Workers which will be sent to hospitals and GPs on the frontline of this crisis, the other project is a door opener that can be used to reduce the contact with unnecessary surfaces. Find out more about our efforts below.  

3D Printing PPE for the NHS

In order to aid the NHS and local GHP's I have put all of my printers towards printing PPE face shields for those at the front line in this hard time! If you'd like to support me with a donation to fund materials and filament it would be much appreciated. I aim to print at least 200 of these face masks for those in need of PPE. 

Any excess funds at the end of this pandemic will be donated to charity.


Thank you,





Non Contact Door Opener

In order to keep yourself safe when going to work and going out for essential travel you will come across doors and other obstructions. So in order to combat this we developed a non contact handle for doors and keys which allows you to get around without having to touch the surfaces of the doors and keys. 

50% of all sales of this product will be donated and the other 50% will put towards the purchasing of materials for the PPE Masks. 

Order yours now below:


Thank you to all who have helped!