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3D Printing Courses

We have a range of courses that you can follow to learn and develop key skills for 3D Printing and 3D modelling. These will take you through fundamental skills that you will need to get 3D Printing fast! Let's start learning! 

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3D Printing Fundementals

In this course you will learn the key and fundamental skills that you need to start 3D Printing and make something amazing! The course will take you through different elements of 3D Printing and problems that you may encounter. This course is aimed at beginners and people interested in the hobby. 

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Fusion360 Basics

In this course we will be taking you through the very basics of Fusion360 one of the best CAD programs out there. I'll take you through step by step how to use Fusion360 and the key tools within the program. 

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Fusion360 Advanced Skills

In this course we will be adding to your Fusion360 skills by learning some of the more complex tools and skills within the program. This will show you step by step how to use these tools to make something amazing within Fusion360. 

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3D Printed Productivity

In this course we will be teaching you how to design and 3D Print your own Productivity managers to allow you to have a positive start to 2020 with an organised way of looking at your tasks and the week ahead.


All courses coming early 2002 

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