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Started in 2016, 3DPrintingwithJake was created to provide high quality 3D Printing services to those without them. Now we are a modern 3D Printing and Design Business providing not only 3D Printing services but also 3D Modelling services, Design Work as well as a host of other amazing services.
We also offer a range of 3D Printed gifts and products for our customers. 

Who am I?

JAke Lay-Flurrie

Hi my name is Jake, I am the owner of 3DPrintingwithJake, a small freelance design business. I've been learning the craft of 3D Modelling and 3D Printing for years now and am excited to share with you the work I do and the opportunity to work with you. I started 3D Printing 5 years ago and started printing little nicknacks and funny keychains but I knew that the possibilities were endless. Starting with a cheap 3D Printer I learnt a lot over time and now have been able to design my own products and designs for clients who hire me. I enjoy 3D Printing and hope to keep growing 3DPrintingwithJake to a large business which can have a wide range of products and clients. 
If you have any questions about work or models please just let me know!
Email: 3dprintingwithjake@gmail.com

Our Partners

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Graphic Design


A Graphic Design and Design Business who provide a number of different graphic design services as well as personalised products

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Jake Lay-Flurrie

A Maker/Entrepreneur Personal Brand of Jake the Owner and Founder of PrintingwithJake & 3DPrintingwithJake. This Brand Provides handmade products to all types of customers

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