2020 Business Goals 
Goals for the New Year

1. Start a Kickstarter Campaign 

In the year 2020 I want to have developed a product and started a kickstarter campaign for it. This will include:

- CAD Models of the product 

- Creating Proto


2. Gain a Patent for a Product 

To create a product and gain a patent for it. The patent will be applied for before the end of 2020. 

- Design a Product 

- Apply for the patent 

- Gain the patent 

3. Build a Portfolio of work 

To have a complete portfolio of work by March 2020 and keep it up to date. 

- Designs Page to complete with the portfolio 

- Projects Page to complete with the portfolio


4. Release a YouTube video every 2 weeks 

To have a regular upload schedule by mid-February. I will try and get regular videos up every 2 weeks. 

- Keep to the 2 week schedule for 3 months and add a tracker to follow

5. Release my first Skillshare course

To release my very first Skillshare course: 

- 3D Printing Fundementals 

- Fusion 360 Basics Course 

- Fusion 360 Advanced Course 

- 3D Printed Productivity